About Our Products

    For almost a century, Hines Nut Company has sourced only the freshest, highest quality products from growers with whom we have long-standing and personal relationships. We pride ourselves on delivering not only the finest quality products, but also the best tasting nuts and dried fruits on the market. Whether it’s from the orchards of California, or the jungles of Brazil, our products and quality have remained consistent since the very beginning. Almost a hundred years!

    About Our Business

    Hines Nut Company is a 5th generation, family-owned company that has been in business since 1925. We are a major supplier of edible tree nuts and peanuts to grocery chains and wholesale grocers throughout the United States and Mexico. We are centrally located in Dallas, TX, which is opportune for both supply and distribution. We have 10 pack lines that average 45-60 bags per minute. We use just-in-time inventory management which results in fresher products for our customers. Our facility is certified by Primus Labs for GFSI.